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Motor parts


IPM Motor with sensor

  • (200V/15~37kW, 400V/15~37kW)
  • High efficiency which closes in IE4.
  • Small and Light body compared with generalized induction motor
  • Sensor actualizes high responsiveness

Sensorless IPM Motor

  • (200V/0.75~15kW, 400V/0.75~15kW)
  • High efficiency which is beyond IE4.
  • Installation size is interchangeable with generalized induction motor
  • Easy wiring due to Sensorless


  • Pump, Compressor, Blower
  • Power transmission device
  • Metal machine tool (Mold injector, Press machine)
  • Agricultural machine device
  • Transporting machine
  • Industrial robot

DC Motor

Winding magnetic field system

  • Wide variety of products cover 12-96V
  • Small and light body, but high output power
  • We prepare completely enclosed structure model too
  • Easy installation structure


  • Drive /Lift / Boost device motor for Industrial vehicle (Battery forklift, etc)
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Emergency generator, Vessel, Trains, etc.

Permanent magnet field system

  • Magnet material achieves high efficient small and light body.
  • Direct drive lowers the cost and price
  • Vibration / Abrasion resistence structure meets various usage, and maintains long life.
  • We offer wide variety of lineup to meet diverse needs of customers.


Able to apply to any motor control section of vehicle.

  • To oepration control
    (EPS motor for Battry Fork vehicle)
  • To drive control
    (Small cart)
  • To Hydraulic device
    (Power unit to Truck cab tilt vehicle)
  • To braking control, etc.


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